Creative games for kids and adults on iPad.

Fun for ages 10 to 110.

Brain learning games for kids

Brainbean combines time-tested creativity techniques with the touch-capable power of the iPad in order to help you:

  • Build creative confidence
  • Test kids and adults working memory
  • Craft resourcefulness
  • Energize the imagination
  • Boost problem solving skills

Brain teasers, puzzles, and more

Play eight unique games in Brainbean. From puzzles, memory games, and other educational games for kids and adults. These brain games are great for learning and creative fun.

There are hundreds of ways to explore each game, so you'll always have something to puzzle your mind and keep the fun going. Great for the school classroom or at home.

For kids ages 10 to 110

Brainbean was made to entertain and challenge all levels of creativity, young and old.

Each educational game intelligently adapts difficulty to match your creative capabilities and offer a rewarding challenge for your brain.

Download Brainbean here!