Brainbean is a great way to exercise both sides of your brain

“What strikes you first about Brainbean is it colorful and descriptive UI....With its diversity of games, Brainbean provides both cognitive and creative challenges that will appeal to children and adults alike.”

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Educational but not necessarily just for kids

“Brainbean stands out thanks to the quality of the artwork and the variety of challenges on offer. Each game lasts sixty seconds, so it's something that you can dip in and out of when you find yourself with a spare five minutes, and they're all fun to play.”

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This week's best iPad app

“A brain training app suitable for anyone from the ages of nine to 109. Eight games are available, based on various scientific exercises, with the aim of challenging your brain to the full.”

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Inspire family-time creative play

“Creativity can be developed and encouraged, and brainteaser-type games such as those included in Brainbean help with that....With the variety of activities, most kids will find something fun and interesting. Trying something new is best for creativity's sake, so having the other options available to easily try is excellent.”

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Build creative confidence and energise your imagination

“Plenty of apps claim to train your brain, offering the same old challenges and exercises that could be done in every day life rather than staring at a small screen. Brainbean offers an alternative way to keep your brain working hard and exercising its brainy muscles.”

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Another great iPad app to check out

“A colorful, kid-friendly game that will boost your students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills...Perfect for an enrichment station in a one-iPad classroom or when you give students time to pick an activity.”

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