iPhone 13 Problems: 5 Things You Need to Know

iPhone 13 problems are popping up for some users. It shouldn ’ t come as a storm that people are having issues with the iPhone 13, but keep in mind that some of the problems are actual bugs and others are a matter of people good getting used to iOS 15 and their new iPhones .
iPhone 13, iPhone 13 miniskirt, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro users are complaining about bugs. connectivity, and performance issues. We haven ’ triiodothyronine hear about any serious widespread iPhone 13 issues however, but that could change as deliveries continue .
The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max face many of the same problems because they share many parts, were released at the same time, and utilize 5G networks in the United States and abroad .
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Below are the most common iPhone 13 issues, some potential fixes for the problems, places to find feedback about iPhone 13 performance, and a front at what ’ mho in the io 15 pipeline for these phones .
The list of iPhone 13 problems will grow. Some problems will get resolved by Apple and its partners via software updates, but we ’ ll continue to see issues pop up as people put more mileage on their new phones .

iPhone 13 Problems

We ’ rhenium hearing about iPhone 13 activation issues. Activation issues always plague new iPhone models so this international relations and security network ’ t surprising to see .
If you ’ rhenium having issues activating your new iPhone 13, check Apple ’ randomness System Status page. If you don ’ t see a fleeceable symbol next to iOS Device Activation, you ’ ll want to wait until it ’ sulfur green and then try activating your phone again .
If the symbol is park and the energizing procedure still isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate working, make certain you have a SIM card inserted in your iPhone. If you ’ re receiving a “ No Sim ” or “ Invalid SIM ” error, you ’ ll want to head over to this guide for aid .
On circus tent of those problems, we ’ re besides hearing about issues with beginning and third-party apps, excessive battery drain, Face ID problems including issues with CPAP masks, ongoing randomness cancellation issues, Exchange problems, Wi-Fi problems, a variety of CarPlay problems including frequent crashes, iCloud issues, Bluetooth issues, fathom problems, and login issues .
A number of iPhone 13 users are complaining about touch issues where the device ’ south display doesn ’ t react to swipes and gestures .
We ’ re besides hearing 5G/LTE cellular data issues. Some users are saying cellular service is dropping unexpectedly while on the fit. Others are complaining about the speed of 5G .
It ’ s significant to note that 5G is even modern technology and coverage is still identical inconsistent. Some of the frustrations with decelerate 5G performance should resolve over time as carriers like AT & T, Verizon, and T-Mobile build out their 5G networks .

iPhone 13 Performance

If you ’ re thinking about buying an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 miniskirt, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro, or if you already own one, you ’ ll want to monitor feedback from other people using the same device. This feedback will alert you to electric potential issues with Apple ’ s hardware and software .
We recommend keeping an eye on YouTube, Apple ’ sulfur discussion forums, social media sites like Twitter, and sites like the MacRumors forums for ongoing feedback about Apple ’ s flagship phones .
We ’ ve released list of the best reasons to, and not to, install the latest adaptation of io 15 and it ’ s worth a count if you ’ re on the argue about downloading Apple ’ s latest io software.

How to Fix iPhone 13 Problems

If you run into a trouble on your iPhone there ’ s a very good luck you ’ ll be able to fix the problem yourself. In some cases, you may need to contact Apple back, contact your carrier, or take your telephone into an Apple Store .
If you ’ ve run into trouble, take a count at our list of fixes for the most coarse iPhone 13 problems. Our guide runs down fixes for the most common iPhone issues like break Bluetooth and busted Wi-Fi .
We ’ ve besides released some tips to help improve your iPhone 13 ’ south performance and a guide that could help you improve barrage life if you think it ’ south draining faster than it should be .

If you can ’ t find a localization in our guides, you ’ ll want to check Apple ’ south discussion forums and see if person has a solution for whatever is ailing your phone .
If you can ’ metric ton find anything on Apple ’ south forums, you should contact Apple. You can do so via the company ’ randomness support history on Twitter. You can besides get in contact with Apple Support via the company ’ mho web site .
If you ’ d rather get answers in person, you might want to take your raw earphone into your local anesthetic Apple Store and see if they can diagnose your problem. If you ’ ve got an Apple Store in your area, make surely you schedule a Genius Bar appointment .
Your iPhone is presently under guarantee so they might offer you a substitution if the trouble is serious enough .

iOS 15 Downgrade Status

If you ’ ra dealing with software problems on your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can try downgrading your devices to the former translation of io 15 if the option is available .
If you ’ re unfamiliar with the io downgrade summons our io downgrade template will walk you through everything you need to know before you make the move .
If your device is struggling on io 15.2.1, io 15.2, io 15.1.1, io 15.1, io 15.0.2, io 15.0.1, or io 15.0, you might be on your own for a snatch .
Apple ’ randomness confirmed a fresh io 15.3 update for iPhone and the firmware is presently in beta testing ahead of its public release .
The company hasn ’ metric ton confirmed a particular io 15.3 passing date, but the software will about surely arrive sometime in early 2022.

If your problems on io 15.2 or below are in truth bad, you might try moving your iPhone 13 exemplar to the io 15.3 beta. There ’ south a prospect it helps .
For more on io 15.3 and the beta, have a peek at our walkthrough. For more information about the io 15.3 release date, check out our guide .
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