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AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our column message. Setting up your Apple Watch with a new iPhone can mean its sounds are at full volume, and so is Siri. here ‘s how to quieten them down. It ‘s great that Apple Watch can make brassy alarm sounds, and that Siri can answer you brilliantly and clearly. If you ‘ve merely moved your Apple Watch to a new iPhone, though, then you could be finding that it ‘s all just a spot excessively loudly.

That ‘s particularly with Siri, which practically bellows out phrases like “ Done, ” and “ I set your alarm. ” You can turn down the book — but for some reason, you have to do it in two places. Apple divides sounds into Siri ‘s articulation on the one hand, and everything else on the other.

How to turn down the volume on the Apple Watch for everything but Siri

  1. On your Apple Watch, tap Settings
  2. Scroll to Sounds & Haptics
  3. Tap on the volume indicator under the heading Alert Volume
  4. Use the Digital Crown to lower (or raise) the volume

If rotating the Digital Crown alternatively scrolls up and down this Sounds & Haptics screen, you have n’t tapped on the book indicator .Tap on the Alert Volume slider, then use Digital Crown to lower, or raise, the volume

To be certain you do n’t then by chance go on adjusting the volume, you can tap the Sounds & Haptics release at top leave to go back. Or you can equitable press in the Digital Crown. In either case, you have just changed the book for absolutely everything, except Siri.

How to turn down the volume on Siri on the Apple Watch

  1. On your Apple Watch, tap Settings
  2. Scroll to Siri
  3. Then scroll very far down to Voice Volume – Speaker
  4. Tap on the volume indicator under that heading
  5. Use the Digital Crown to lower (or raise) the volume

again, come out of this before you by chance undo the book change by rotating the Digital Crown.

Adjusting Siri and alert volumes

It ‘s quite a storm merely how brassy Siri can be on an Apple Watch, specially when you have n’t chosen to set it that high. It ‘s not at all storm, though that a very brassy Siri can be the stopping point thing you need .Siri's volume has to be set separately

Before you go into a church, or a hospital, say, you can go through these steps to change the bulk. But you can besides do this. Swipe up from the bottomland of the Watch face, and pat on the symbol of a bell. The symbol gets a line through it, and its black background turns bolshevik.

This is silent mode, except it is n’t silent. It turns off pretty much every alert you can get — you ‘ll inactive hear alarms, you ‘ll hush get haptic taps. It does n’t affect Siri, though. so as a last resort, if you ‘re somewhere quiet and Siri starts shouting at you, slap your whole hand over the Watch face. Cover the confront with your handle, and Siri will instantaneously shut up .

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