Buyer’s Guide 2021: Best Mac Accessories for Work & Play

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thus you ‘ve got a MacBook, but what about your Mac accessories ? Mac chargers, adapters, cases, keyboards, and more : there ‘s thus much you can do with your Mac. In this article, we ‘ve reviewed some of the best macintosh gear for 2021.

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If you ’ ve ever struggled to find an exit in a coffee shop or planned to work on the flat merely to realize that your laptop is close to dead, you ’ ll understand why I love this world power bank. It has a Qi wireless charger, 2 USB-A ports, a 65-watt AC release, and a 44,000mAh capacity, which means it can charge your MacBook more than once, along with any other devices or accessories you bring along. Plus, while it is powerful adequate to jump-start a car, its satiny invention means it looks right at home in any on-the-go work apparatus .

Unless you ‘ve purchased one of the newfangled MacBook Pros, Apple ’ s obsession with eliminating ports makes a commodity USB-C hub an necessity MacBook accessory. I ’ ve tried larger hub, reasoning the more ports the better, but they take up a draw more space in my bag and on my desk. And I rarely find myself needing more than the Ethernet port, USB-C and USB-A ports, SD slot, and HDMI larboard in this six-in-one hub. This hub should work with any USB-C laptop .

While slim in appearance, the Commuter backpack holds an amaze amount of gear, including a 16-inch laptop. Web Editor Erin MacPherson recently put this backpack and the meet Accessory Organizer ( $ 44.95 ) to the quiz when she used them to transport her stallion distant work frame-up to the iPhone Life function for a workweek on site. She found this well-constructed backpack comfortable to wear, evening when loaded to capacity with a MacBook, iPad, mouse, life-size keyboard, laptop resist, and other essentials. impressively, the bag still zipped shut with rest .

For a draw of us, outside shape has meant endless video recording calls. And I ’ molarity surely not the only one who promptly tired of looking like a ailing light automaton on-screen. My solution ? This cheap ring light that clips on the top of my laptop filmdom, bathing me in an attractive gleam without shining besides brilliantly in my eyes. The USB-powered light can be adjusted to be cool or strong and undimmed or softer, making it effective in most types of ambient lighting.

This backlit keyboard is compendious enough that I can fit it in my computer bag without a trouble when I ’ thousand working away from the office, but silent large adequate that it has a number pad and is easily to type on. The M1 mouse is comfortable to use and humble enough to slide right into my accessary bag. And because the mouse and keyboard total in the like space grey as my MacBook Air, they look great as contribution of my cultivate setup .

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