How to Use, Edit and Share Live Photos on Your iPhone

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always wonder what Live Photos on your iPhone or iPad are for ? Well, it ’ s a feature that shoots a succession of photos and turns it into a short television nip .
We ’ ll show you how to use Live Photos to capture the moments you don ’ thymine want to miss .

How to Turn on Live Photos

When you open your television camera app, go to the bottom region of the screen and choice Photos. Next, look for the icon with three concentric circles at the top right slope of the sieve. If it has a line across it, then it means live Photos are not activated. Tap it once to turn it on.

To take a Live Photo, wholly you have to do is press the shutter like you would when shooting regular pictures. The dispute is that Live Photo starts taking pictures a few seconds before and after you tap the button .
Knowing this, you need to make sure that your topic is not doing any awkward poses or movements when the sport is on. That way, you don ’ t have to worry about capturing eldritch moments in your clip. Tell the person you ’ ra photograph to get ready and wait two seconds before and after you press the shutter .
once you finish taking the word picture, your iPhone will create a short-change video clip. Remember to turn off the Live Photos feature of speech if you don ’ t need it. Taking photos only in Live Photos modality will fill up your space.
Live photo of a flowing waterfall

How to Create Stunning Live Photos

Taking live photos may be adenine easy as taking regular pictures. But since Live Photos involve apparent motion, you need to treat them as if you ’ rhenium shooting video .
If you want to take a live photograph of a hush aim, consider moving your television camera to add gesticulate. You can pan from left to right or step closer or further away from your subject while you ’ ra shoot .
When you ’ rhenium photograph people, don ’ t ask them to stay distillery like the room you would with a regular movie. alternatively, encourage them to move around to make your footage look matter to .
For landscapes, attend for elements that show movement in the human body. It could be trees swaying in the scent or even water moving .
Remember that you entirely have a few seconds to record any movement in your survive photograph. indeed do your best to capture movement that tells a report. In early words, don ’ metric ton waste your time shooting a subject merely standing and not doing anything. alternatively, press that shutter button when they ’ ra walk or run.
Live photo of a girl with a camera

How to View Live Photos

To view your Live Photos, wholly you have to do is open your Photos app fair like you would with regular images. When you open it, you ’ ll see LIVE at the clear of your filmdom. To watch the animated adaptation of the file, hold your finger on the filmdom to play and let go to stop .
note that viewing your survive photograph within the Photos app makes it unvoiced to tell apart from thumbnails. therefore if you don ’ thymine want to waste your time looking for your files, you can go to the Live Photos folder, alternatively.
Live photo of a pool

How to Edit Live Photos for Perfect Results

Editing alive photograph is about the same as regular iPhone or iPad photos. You can apply editing parameters such as filters, exposure adjustments, and cropping to live photos like you would with other images .
But unlike regular images, iPhone besides offers a few extra tools to help you edit live photos. To access them, you ’ ll need to activate the image by tapping Live at the top center of the screen .
once your alive photograph is active, you now have the option to mute your video snip by tapping on the loudspeaker icon. Once the icon turns grey, it means that the video will not be playing back any sound anymore. You can always reactivate it by tapping on the icon again .
You besides have the choice to choose your key photograph from your alive photograph. A key photograph is a frame in the short television nip that serves as your thumbnail. It ’ randomness besides what ’ second going to show up when you share it with your friends .
To change the key photograph, scrub the luger at the bottom of the screen to find the inning you like. Once you find what you want, tap it and tap Make Key Photo to confirm .
If you don ’ t like the changes you have made, you can always tap Revert. You can find this feature among the other edit tools at the bottom of the screen.
iPhone gallery screenshot

How to Use Special Live Photo Effects

apart from the usual edit tools, you can besides add extra effects to your Live Photos that you otherwise can ’ thyroxine with regular images.

To reveal the shroud effects, select a know photograph and swipe up. You ’ ll then find the Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure options at the bottom of the screen .
Select Loop if you want your survive photograph to replay after the clip ends mechanically. This effect is perfect when you have footage of a capable or subjects entering from one english of the human body and exiting to the early side. It would make moving cars, trains, or flush runners appear as if they ’ re boundlessly moving from indicate A to point B .
meanwhile, you can try Bounce if you want elements in your photograph as if they ’ rhenium bouncing. This effect lets your file play normally and then reverses it to create a back and forth apparent motion. It ’ second perfect for any clip that has a draw of movement and can produce hypnotic results .
You can besides try the long photograph effect with Live Photos. Your iPhone doesn ’ metric ton have a manual mode that would let you do long exposures. But it can combine multiple photos from your hot photos to create something alike. You can add it to shots with tons of night lights to achieve light trails or to moving objects for motion blur.
Live iPhone photo of a woman

How to Share Live Photos

You can easily share live photograph by tapping the share icon following to the center picture. You can then choose from several sharing options from the pop-up book menu that includes messages and Airdrop .
The only downside is that the hot photograph will entirely play if you send it to another iPhone user through messages or Airdrop. You can send the files via e-mail, but they will convert to jpegs, and the liquidator will only see them as placid images .
You can besides parcel your moving photos on Facebook. Open the Facebook app on your call and upload the image from there. You ’ ll then have the option to either post it as a even photograph or as a alive photograph .
If you choose live Photo, your charge will play like a regular video recording clip on Facebook. interim, if you disable your alive Photo, your friends can hush view it as a standard image.
Selecting photos on iPhone

How to Convert Live Photos to Video

Live photograph may be compatible with iPhone devices and a few social media sites such as Facebook. But what if you want to upload it to non-compatible platforms such as Instagram ? The childlike answer is to convert your moving images to video .
There are batch of free apps that can convert your live photograph, but the most authentic one is full of life. All you have to do is open your file in the app and tap Movie. Next, choice Export Movie and Save. You ’ ll then find the television in your photograph gallery which you can upload to Instagram, Youtube, or even via electronic mail .
apart from video conversion, you besides have the option to turn your live photograph into GIFs or a still effigy. You can even use the app to edit your clips a well as add filters to your files .
The downside is that the loose Lively version includes a large watermark when you download your convert images. so if you want to remove it, you ’ ll need to pay $ 2.99. But that ’ s not expensive at all considering what it allows you to do with your live photograph.
Photo of a skateboard

Editing Converted Video Files with Third-Party Apps

lively may allow debauched edit of convert exist photograph, but it doesn ’ metric ton offer all the tools you need for a big video recording nip. If you want professional footage, consider using a third-party video recording editing app .
Adobe Premiere Rush and VSCO X are lead of the line editing apps that have all the tools you ’ ll indigence. You can use them for release, but if you want to have access to all the features, then you ’ ll need to pay for a subscription .
If you don ’ metric ton feel like spending money on apps, then you can try Apple iMovie, alternatively. It doesn ’ t have all the features that Adobe Premier Rush or VSCO X offers, but it has adequate to create beautiful clips. Since it ’ s an app from Apple, you can enjoy it for rid and without any trip up.
Photo of a woman in front of a fountain


You can use hot photos on iPhone in sol many situations. Of course, the most obvious one is recording short television clips .
You can besides take advantage of live photos if you don ’ thymine want to miss capturing the perfect consequence. Since your phone takes photos before and after you press the shutter button, it guarantees you ’ ll get the blastoff you want. And since it captures real number images, not “ screengrabs, ” any frame you want to use is going to be high quality.

therefore feel detached to use this mood if you want more flexibility while taking photos .
For some unlike ways to make a affect movie, check out how to turn images to GIF in Photoshop or making a cinemagraph next !

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