Apple Return Policy During COVID-19 Explained

Apple Return Policy During COVID-19: All You Should Know

COVID-19 has turned everyone ’ second lives inverted, and that includes even something so ordinary as returning the purchased goods. Say you want to return an Apple product you have bought, but the pandemic measures are making it difficult for you. What should you do ?
Thankfully, Apple’s return policy during COVID-19 isn’t all that different from their standard return policies. We decided to summarize the stallion Apple item return routine for your convenience, adenine well as display you how to use the DoNotPay app to request a rejoinder in bare minutes !

Apple Standard Return Policy Essentials

Several crucial points within Apple’s return policy apply in both pandemic and non-pandemic situations:

  • You can return an Apple item up to 14 calendar days after you bought it
  • You can only return Apple items that you have bought directly from Apple—whether in-store or on their website
  • Make sure to pack the Apple item you are returning in its original packaging—with the documentation, adapters, and accessories it came with

How To Return an Apple Product Properly

You can return your Apple merchandise in two ways :

  1. Ship the item to Apple
  2. Bring the item to an Apple retail store

Mail Return

To send your unwanted Apple product to Apple via mail, you beginning need to sign in to Apple ’ s Order Listing page with your alone Apple ID and password. This will open a page with all of your recent orders .
once there, follow these steps :

  1. Select the item you want to return and head out to the Order Details page
  2. Click on Start a Return under your item
  3. Click Get Started
  4. Confirm the items you want to return on the next page
  5. Click on Initiate Your Return
  6. Select Print Return Label (repeat this if you’re sending back multiple products/packages)

After the completion of these steps, you can schedule a pickup fourth dimension of your item with a carrier wave or return it to any Apple retail placement .

In-Person Return

You can return your Apple item to any retail store. The in-store specialist will process your return and issue a refund .

Apple Item Refunds and Exchanges

Apple will refund your returned item as soon as they receive it. The refund method is directly linked with the master requital method :

  • Refunds for products that you have bought with a credit or debit card will be sent to your card issuer bank
  • If you bought the item using an Apple Gift Card, the refund will be issued as an Apple Gift Card via email

In case you wish to exchange the Apple product for another, you can do this in any U.S. retail store. Before you take your product to the store with the purpose of exchanging it, make indisputable the store has your desire detail in stock by checking their web site. To return Apple items you have ordered on-line and which turned out to have defects, you can contact Apple ’ s customer overhaul at 1-800-676-2775.

What Apple Products Are Not Eligible for Return?

Apple items that are not eligible for a render admit :

  • Electronic software downloads
  • Software up-to-date program products (software upgrades)
  • Apple Gift Cards
  • Apple developer products
  • Apple print products

Opened software products are also non-returnable according to Apple’s Open Box return policy if they have been installed on a computer.

Can You Initiate a Return With Apple During COVID-19 ViaYes/No
In personYes

Let DoNotPay Do All the Heavy Lifting With Your Return Requests

The DoNotPay app can help you bring any return request to a successful resolution—and that includes returning Apple items during the COVID-19 circumstances.
To start the Apple leverage return process, follow the steps below :

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account
  2. Pick the Return My Purchase feature
  3. Answer a couple of chatbot questions
  4. Tap Submit

This completes the integral return request submission procedure, after which DoNotPay amply takes over—we send the request to the company while you keep lead of the advancement in our app.

DoNotPay enables you to return items to a across-the-board array of brands, including the ones in the mesa below .

No More Faulty Items—DoNotPay Can Send Them Back, Get You a Refund, and Resolve Any Other Issue

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